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Dr. Arun Mahajan’s clinic is best homeopathy clinic in Pune. Their reputation as skilled and best practitioners have drawn more and more patients from Pune, and even from abroad.

Homeopathy Doctor In Pune – Dr. Arun O. Mahajan

Dr. Arun O. Mahajan is a well-known homeopathy doctor in Pune. He has completed L.C.E.H. from Bombay and B.H.M.S. from Pune. He has also completed M.D. in Homeopathy. He has experience of more than 30 years in the field of homeopathy. He is practicing as homeopathy doctor in Pune for the last 30 years. He runs Homeopathy Clinic in Pune treating all Chronic and Acute Diseases. The special areas of interest are providing Homeopathic Treatments and Medicines for all diseases like White Spots, Chronic Diseases, Infertility Impotency, Hair Loss, HIV STD, and other diseases. Dr. Arun Mahajan is an Honorable Physician to N. M. Ramade Hospital Attached to DSH Medical College.

He is also a member of Doctors Association. Dr. Arun Mahajan is dynamic homeopathy doctor in Pune India. He is an honest, humble and hard-working doctor.  He has treated many patients from India and abroad.

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Services Offered

Skin Treatment

Everyone wants to keep their skin healthy and glowing. But there are no. of skin diseases having a wide range of conditions and sign of illness. So it is very essential to make proper diagnosis and treatment of it.

Kidney Treatment

Generally, chronic disease shows symptoms slowly. Due to chronic kidney disease, the kidney loses its capacity of filtration and there is a problem in eliminating waste products from our body.

Hair Treatment

Many people across the globe are facing a problem of hair loss. The causes of hair loss are- stress, consumption of Vitamin A etc.  Homeopathy offers best treatment options for hair loss.

Cancer Treatment

Homeopathy treatment for cancer uses non-toxic medicines. Therefore there are no side effects of it. If cancer is detected in early stages, it is very easy to treat cancer. It can cure cancer completely.


Homeopathy works on the principles of “like cures like” – which means, illness should be treated by a substance which produces it. Homeopathic remedies are very specific to cause and effect. For example, A popular anti-inflammatory drug Brufen will reduce inflammation of any tissue in the body irrespective of the pathology, whereas Aconite, a Homeopathic remedy, which can be used in these similar purposes, cannot be used without considering the specific cause, the pathology, and the tissue affectation. Hence homeopathy makes a prescription much more focused and results in cure without any side effects.

In addition to its specific nature, Homeopathic remedies also achieve an effective curative response because it also addresses other factors like Mental & Emotional stress, symptomatic expression of other organs, nutrition, habits, etc. as all of these modulates immunity and affect health. The Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic in nature. Therefore many developed prefer Homeopathy as their first choice of treatment. Here are some figures published by The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, London: Belgium 33%, France 26%, Germany 22%, and UK 19%.

The classical Homeopathy can be employed as the first line of treatment for a large number of illnesses. However, it should play the role of complementary treatment for diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, and Cancer etc. As unlike others, these diseases manifest themselves as a consequence of irreversible degenerative changes in the body. Cancer, on the other hand, represents a total loss of regulation, therefore much more difficult. Any attempt to treat these illnesses with the only Homeopathy can sometimes become life-threatening due to irreversible degenerative nature of these diseases. Based on the realistic approach to a Homeopathic role in health care, I have marked 2 distinct categories as “Homeopathy only” and “Homeopathy as the Complimentary system”. The diseases enlisted under these 2 categories can be viewed at Diseases & Treatments. I, therefore, examine these issues critically before deciding my approach to each illness. Homeopathy Doctor in Pune

There are no side effects of homeopathic treatment. But sometimes you may get a cold, skin rash or little discharge after taking homeopathic medicines which means that the system is getting cleared. In a similar way, older diseases like constipation, warts or any skin rash may return. But do not take any medicine to treat these reappearing old symptoms, as these old symptoms will go away in after some time and you will be healed for a long-lasting period of time.

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